Best Funny Games You Can Find Online

Every time when we feel bored we plan to get together with friends for some chit chat or go out and watch a movie. Watching movie or going out with friends for a drink involves some money and it might not be possible for people having a fixed budget. But, have you ever thought of getting rid of this boredom at home? Laughter is the best medicine to kill the boredom and there are many online games which you can sit back and play at home.

There are many kinds of games that you can find online starting from games for kids to adults. Some games might sound childish and silly but for power pack dose of fun you will not mind being stupid. Some of the best funny games you find online are:

1. Fart Master: In this game while driving a car you need to release fart. While doing this you need to be careful making sure that no one knows about it. You must keep in mind that the level of gas has to be maintained. There are arrows which will help you do a silent fart, which can be used depending on the situation.

2. Funny Elevator: Assume yourself as a young boy standing in an elevator with a sexy beautiful girl. You want the girl to come and kiss you. Follow the hint, keep clicking on the objects in the elevator and see them interacting. The game is so addictive that you will not know how time will pass.

3. Funny Water Park: Get ready to have some fun with beach babes in the water park. Dip into the water and scare the girls or push them into the pool and have fun. The game has got levels and in every level the excitement increases.

4. Funny Prom Night: Add a dash of mischief in your life with the game. Just keep clicking and create havoc in the prom.

5. Gossip Hunt: Love female gossip? Yes, you will find the game quite hilarious.

There are more games like baby food guessing game, battle of the sexes, check your match, funny salon, funny yoga, love triangle etc. You might feel that some games are really stupid but will never know how time will run away. Moreover, being a kid sometime is really fun and also relaxes our body and mind from the whole day tiredness.

A gamer life: Funny, Fail or Not ? Check it Out

For gamers, the focus and concentration in game is crucial for their success in the games, but there are many Funny moments and worth watching in a gamer life. check out this funny video about a huge variety of games, played by a gamer that all he wants is to have fun, and catch it on camera!, never fails, or, doe's it??


Fail Moment in Life: As long as you keep Laughing!

There are so many funny moments in life, moments you thought everything is under control, just to realize moments later that EVERYTHING went wrong.., and not only that, someone actually videotaped the moment.., you can cry about it or better yet, laugh about it! Everyone FAILED at one point or another, so it's important to be able to accept it, learn from it, laugh about it, and put it on YOUTUBE, so everyone else will laugh some too! Here is a funny, fail clip, to make your day a bit lighter :)


Surely one of the Craziest Bluffs ever seen on T.V

One of the biggest surprises in world series of poker history, Chris Moneymaker, a player with no experience in big tournaments, went to Las Vegas after qualifying online to join the tournament, went all the way to the final and bit EVERYONE to take the crowd, and a boatload of cash. here is one of his biggest bluffs (possible ever?) in the tournament, back in 2003, going up against Sam Farha. check out the crazy bluff, certainly one for the books!